PixelFish (pixelfish) wrote,

Pharyngula Meetup in Cambridge

I went to a Pharyngula meetup organised by MAJeff. We met at the Cambridge Brewing Company, hereafter referred to as the CBC and not to be confused with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

I had never been to the CBC before, and trotted around the block several times. Partly because the instructions on the CBC website mentioned the pub was in the corner of the complex and I thought they meant an outside corner, as opposed to the inside corner I didn't see from the street. But I eventually found it, and in good time, because I was only the second person to arrive. MAJeff arrived first, and we chatted a little, and then a few other people trickled in, and before you know it, there's 25 godless folk milling around

I got to meet Kadath and her fiance, Dirk (from my LJ list--their real names are Carolyn and Brian) briefly, although the nature of the large group led to groups splintering off. Dion managed to snag a table for six, but it was eight by the time we got the table, so the CBC people found us another table in the corner that worked even better.

In my particular group, there was Terra, Chris, Sara, Aaron, Blake, Juri, Dion, and me. We chatted about potable beers (Chris and Terra were trying to find me a beer I'd like), dentistry (Juri had just had her wisdom teeth out and Blake was doped up on painkillers following a root canal), theatre, David Attenborough, the origins of names, languages, elephants, lions, ducklings, cats, heresy, religions subsuming other religions, and of course, Pharyngula.

Juri and Aaron wore squid wear. I wore my Old School shirt and brought Ocho, my stuffed octopus.

Pics from the evening are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pixelfish/sets/72157604014119076/

Utterz from the evening are here:
http://www.utterz.com/~u-NTA0MDA4MA/utt.php#uttNTA0MDA4MA - MA Jeff, Dion, Blake, and Rebecca introduce themselves
http://www.utterz.com/~u-NTA0MDA5OQ/utt.php#uttNTA0MDA5OQ - Blake and Juri

All in all, I had a fun evening and enjoyed meeting everyone.

Juri says there is a talk on evolution at Harvard on the 13th. I'm thinking about going, if I am not too tired from SXSW.

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