PixelFish (pixelfish) wrote,

FitBit Trauma

FitBit trauma! I took my FitBit off before my bath last night, placed it on my desk AND FORGOT TO PUT IT BACK ON. So I woke up this morning with my arm bare and no immediate recollection of having removed the FitBit. I started looking for it, but of course it wasn't any where in my immediate vicinity. I looked in both bathrooms and under the bed, and briefly at my desk, but in the dim morning light, couldn't see the black FitBit against the black desk. Since I had forgotten about the bath, I honestly was weirded out by the thought that I had gone to sleep with FitBit on and awakened to FitBit missing entirely.

I briefly entertained the notion that the FitBit was actually part of a Dark City sort of plan to put me in a new life, with all the memories of that life, and that I had only been me for approximately 8 hours, and the FitBit was the only vestige of my fading other memories. John was asleep but I was sure that if I asked him, he would deny any knowledge of the FitBit, and look at me in sad puzzlement. We would putter along, believing ourselves to have been in a relationship for nearly nine years, but all along we were strangers with implanted memories. Everyone and all of my siblings were just Dark City-style experiments.

Eventually I found my FitBit, and while I suppose all of you could TECHNICALLY be an experiment in human determinism, I'm now more concerned about the idea that I probably got a few hundred steps while frantically searching for my FitBit AND THEY AREN'T COUNTED.


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