PixelFish (pixelfish) wrote,

Foggy View at Kerry Park

Hopefully nifty pictures will be forthcoming in the morning, as I noted to John that I had about 2000 steps to hit 10000 at 10pm, and that I might as well go up to Kerry Park to take pictures of the foggy Needle.

John, after a few seconds of thought, asked, "Are you going to be okay going to a park at night?" I explained that I LIKELY would be okay as I have never gone to Kerry Park and not seen a bazillion photographers BUT I had never gone up there so late before and YES, I would be able to take pictures without THINKING or WORRYING about stuff. (There are all these blogs with male street photographers talking about photography lighting tips and being out at night, and they almost never seem to realise that it's trickier being a woman and doing street photography at night. Particularly since the act of photography usually involves concentration and shutting out externals while you focus on the picture and your aperture and shutter and all that. I HAVE worried while being out late, and one of the reasons I feel semi-ok by myself is because the tripod is a heavy-ass thing to whang somebody in the head with.) So I appreciate my thoughtful husband taking one for the team and accompanying me so I could photograph things to my heart's content.

Of course, there were about three or four photographers up there, and a crowd of tourists and drunk game fans and whatnot. But it was still nice. And the Needle kept fading in and out of the fog, so hopefully I got something nice. :)

HOWEVER....my thighs rather hate me now. I ended the night with 14,473 steps and 40 flights of stairs. If you have never been to Kerry Park in Seattle, it's the overlook of the city that makes the Space Needle look like it's downtown when it's actually a mile out of the downtown core. And it's up on the top of Queen Anne hill and any San Franciscan would feel right at home in terms of hilliness. Queen Anne is probably comparable to climbing the Baker Street steps after hitting the Palace of Fine Arts. There's about three or four streets of steep-osity and then a sharp incline upwards of about four or five flights of stairs just to make the summit. (And then descending it in the dark and trying to avoid slipping on wet leaves is EXTRA FUN.)
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